Outside Counseling Resources

Here is a list of Counseling Resources for your convenience.  Please let me know if you don't find what you're looking for, I'd be more than happy to help you find the resources you might need!

Counseling Centers closest to Moose Lake

Melissa Anderson Psychological Services

316 Elm Ave, Moose Lake, MN 55767


Clinical and Forensic Psychology

3698 Bayview Dr, Barnum, MN



Crisis Intervention      

Human Development Center

40 – 11th St Cloquet, MN

218-879-4559 or 1-888-877-0568 Crisis Line 1-800-634-8775

Crisis mental health services available


LSS – Carlton Youth Shelter

531 Slate St Cloquet, MN


24 hour crisis care for children birth to age 17

Miller Dwan Crisis Line

Duluth, MN



Mental Health  


221 N 1st Ave W, Duluth, MN


Provides crisis and support services to adult mentally ill in NE Minnesota.


Carlton County Adult Social Services

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN

218-879-4511 or 1-888-818-4511


Adult protection assessments and services; adult mental health case management; developmentally disabled adults and children services; family based counseling and parenting education; adult chemical dependency assessments; etc.


Carlton County Health & Human Services

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN

218-879-4583 or 1-800-642-9082


  • ·Family financial assistance programs for cash, medical, emergency, food, utilities, rent and/or childcare needs; children’s mental health case management; child protection/welfare services; family based therapy services; diversion program; chemical dependency assessments; child abuse assessments; paternity establishment services; etc.
  • ·Satellite office located in Moose Lake (1-888-485-8520)


Clinical and Forensic Psychology

3698 Bayview Dr, Barnum, MN



Duluth Psychological Clinic

205 West 2nd St- Suite 437, Duluth, MN



  • ·Mental Health Referral, Outpatient Services, Psychological Assessment, Psychological Therapy


Fond du Lac Human Services

927 Trettel Ln, Cloquet, MN



Human Development Center

40 – 11th St, Cloquet, MN

218-879-4559 or 1-888-877-0568

24-hour regional emergency services (1-800-634-8775)

  • ·Individual, family and couple’s therapy – depression; anxiety; anger; grief; pain; family strife; eating disorders; behavioral problems; sexual/physical/emotional abuse; stress management and relationships problems
  • ·Specialized groups – survivors of sexual abuse, parents of ADHD children, domestic violence
  • ·Psychological evaluations – behavior and intelligence testing, personality and neuropsychological screening
  • ·Psychiatric services – evaluation, treatment and medication management
  • ·Services for persons with serious and persistent mental illness – community support services, outreach center and day treatment
  • ·Consultation, education and training


Lake Superior Area Family Services Gamblers Intervention Services

1111 Cloquet Ave, Cloquet, MN



  • ·Mental Health and EAP Services – Counseling/diagnostic services for individuals, couples, and families. Gambling Outreach Counseling & Treatment – Education, intervention, diagnosis, counseling, and outpatient treatment for persons and families affected by gambling problems.


    Melissa Anderson Psychological Services

    316 Elm Ave, Moose Lake, MN 55767



    Mental Health Association

    205 W 2nd St, Suite 412, Duluth, MN




    Mercy Hospital

    710 S Kenwood Ave, Moose Lake, MN



    Miller Dwan Medical Center

    Crisis Line: 218-723-0099 or 1-888-826-0099

    Medical Center: 218-727-8762

    Amber Wing: 218-355-2100

  • ·www.amberwing.org
  • ·Amber Wing is a Center for Youth and Family Well-being


    Outreach Center

    1610 Cloquet Ave, Cloquet, MN


  • ·The Outreach Center’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with mental health issues. The Center is open to all adult residents of Carlton County but primarily focuses on the needs of individuals with mental illness.
  • ·Information/Education, Recreational and Socialization Events, Women’sGroup, Men’s Group, Bingo, Craft Group, Employment Opportunities for Consumers, Meal Program Twice a Week


Safe Transitions

Cloquet – 1315 Harner Ln (878-1364)

Moose Lake – 924 Lakeshore Dr (485-4889)

  • ·An adult foster care treatment program for the mentally ill
  • ·24-hour staff supervision and transportation


Public Health Programs

Adult Social Services

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN



  • ·Licensing of Adult Foster Care Homes – Provides home inspection, background checks, and education training for prospective foster parents
  • ·Adult Protection – Provides assessment and protective social services for the purpose of preventing further maltreatment and to safeguard the welfare of maltreated vulnerable adults
  • ·Adult Mental Health – Provides assessment, intake, information and referral, and case management for individuals with mental health issues
  • ·Chemical Dependency – Provides evaluation of drug and alcohol use and is a referral for multiple services
  • ·Developmental Disabilities – Provides case management services to persons with developmental disabilities ages birth to adult and to assist individuals in gaining access to needed social, medical, education, and other support and services.


Carlton County Child Support and Collections

315 Walnut St, Carlton, MN



  • ·Locate Parents
  • ·Establish Parentage
  • ·Enforce Court Orders
  • ·Enforce Support when one parent does not live in Minnesota
  • ·Establish Court Orders for child support, medical support, and child care support
  • ·Fraud investigations
  • ·Review and adjust court orders
  • ·Cost of living index adjustments
  • ·Collect and process payments
  • ·Probate


Carlton County Public Health

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN



  • ·Child and Teen Check-ups – Provides physical check-ups for children and teens birth to 21 enrolled in Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care
  • ·Environmental Health – Provides information regarding environmental concerns that adversely affect the public’s health
  • ·Health Education – Provides wellness programs at work sites, schools, and health fairs
  • ·Home Care and Services for Seniors – Provides a cost effective alternative to a prolonged hospitalor nursing home stay
  • ·Immunizations and Disease Prevention – Provides low cost immunizations and education regarding infectious diseases, surveillance, and prevention strategies.
  • ·Parent and Child Health – Provides promotion of the health of pregnant women, parents, and babies
  • ·WIC (Woman, Infants, and Children) – A nutritional education program providing supplemental foods which promote good health
  • ·Coordinated School Health – Provides coordination and development of services that link health to learning in all school districts


Carlton County Sexual & Domestica Abuse Program (RWA)

317 Chestnut Ave, Carlton, MN 55718



  • ·Domestic Violence Services, Crisis Services, Family/Community Services and Support


    Carlton County WIC Program

    14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN



  • ·Mental Health Referral, Mental Health Screening, Family/Community Services & Support, Parent Education


Children and Family Services

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN



  • ·Adoption Services for “Minnesota Waiting Children” – Provides home studies for families who are interested in adoption of older children with physical disabilities and/or emotional difficulties
  • ·Alternative Response Program – Provides family assessment approach to examine child safety and maltreatment risks but also to identify family strengths and needs
  • ·Children’s Mental Health Case Management – Provides services to address needs of youth with severe emotional disturbances and their families to obtain the supportive services needed to help youth reach their full potential
  • ·Child Protection/Child Welfare Services – Provides government mandated services that ensure response to concerns of harm or risk to children
  • ·Court-ordered Custody Evaluations – Provides evaluation and recommendations when divorcing parents are unable to agree on a custody plan for their children
  • ·Diversion Program (Crisis Counseling/Parent Support) – Provides crisis counseling and intervention services to families experiencing difficulties with children and teens
  • ·Family-based Services – Provides free parenting education and counseling for families in their homes


Family/School Support Program – Provides family friendly supportive services to families with children in schools, communities or in the home. Licensing of Child Foster Care Homes – Provides home inspection, background checks, and education training for prospective foster parents.

Licensing Family Day Care Homes – Provides licensing as Minnesota law requires persons to be licensed if providing care for children from more than one family unrelated to the provider.


Financial Assistance

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN



Cash Assistance Programs – General Assistance, Minnesota Family Investment Program, Minnesota Supplemental Aid, Group Residential Housing.

Minnesota Health Care Programs – General Assistance/Medical Care, Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, QMB/SLMB, Prescription Drug Program Food Stamp Program – Provides food costs and emergency assistance program for eligible families facing evictions, utility shut-offs, etc.

Child Care Assistance – Provides help with cost of child care for eligible families.


Disability Services

Adults with Disabilities

509 Carlton Ave, Cloquet, MN



Arc Northland

424 W Superior St, Suite 201, Duluth, MN



Carlton County Public Health & Adult Social Services

14 N 11th St, Cloquet, MN

218-879-4511 or 1-888-818-4511



Courage Duluth

424 W Superior St, Suite 200, Duluth, MN


A community recreation program for physically disabled youth and adults and their families.


Duluth Regional Care Center – Carlton Program

728 Garfield Av, Duluth, MN



Epilepsy Foundation of NE MN & N WI

424 W Superior St, Suite 202A, Duluth, MN



Goodwill Industries

700 Garfield Av, Duluth, MN


Vocational rehabilitation services.


Minnesota Rehabilitation Services

715 Cloquet Av, Cloquet, MN


  • ·Vocational counseling, vocational/psychological testing, skill training, job placement
  • ·Carlton County residents, age 18+, severe disability
  • ·Free and open to the public


North Country R.I.D.E.

Box 312 Esko, MN 55733-0312



Therapeutic horseback riding for people with disabilities


Pinewood-Cloquet, Inc.

915 – 18th St, Cloquet, MN



Special Education – Child Find

Northern Lights Special Education Cooperative

509 Carlton Av, Cloquet, MN


A program for parents who are concerned about their child’s development. Child Find provides FREE educational and developmental screening for children who have delays or disorders, regardless of severity, that may prevent them from learning. The goal of the program is to identify and evaluate all preschool-aged children with special needs as early as possible. Early intervention and advanced planning helps ensure easier transitions into elementary school programs. Connecting families and services for young children (birth to age five) with special needs. Child Find serves the following school districts: Barnum, Carlton, Cloquet, Cromwell/Wright, Esko, Fond du Lac, Hermantown, Lake Superior, Moose Lake, Proctor, and Wrenshall.


State Services for the Blind

Duluth Workforce Center

320 W 2nd St, Duluth, MN