It is the policy of Independent School District No. 97 to maintain a learning and working environment free from religious, racial and sexual harassment and violence. The school district prohibits any form of religious, racial and sexual harassment and violence. The School District will act to investigate all complaints and take appropriate action against any pupil, teacher, administrator or other school personnel who is found to have violated this policy.

Contact Information: 

The school board hereby designates Jillian Smith as the elementary school harassment officer and Pam Litsey as the high school harassment officer to receive reports or complaints of harassment. They can be contacted at Moose Lake Community Schools, 4812 County Road 10, Moose Lake, MN 55767, 218-485-4435. If the complaint involves the harassment officer, the complaint shall be filed directly with the superintendent.

Contact: Pam Litsey pam.litsey@isd97.org
Contact: Jillian Smith  - jillian.smith@isd97.org