Childcare for ages 3 to 6
                       Open Monday - Fridays
        Including summers and school release days

                                                                             New Playground ~ Fall 2020

Who we are:

Julie Duesler - Early Childhood Coordinator
I love watching the excitement on children's faces when they "get it". My favorite 
part of the day is being able to say "Hello" to all the children as they come in.

Kendra Sickler - Lead Instructor & Director
Watching kiddos develop on their own pace, the look of accomplishment when they
master a new skill, the absolute honesty that they share and the unconditional love
that they give are all reasons why I love working at Mini Moose.                                                      

Ms. Tracee - SAC & Mites Assistant
I love all of their different personalities, their creative imaginations, and their
smiling faces.
Ms. Shawna - SAC & Mites Assistant
Ms. Chas - Mites Assistant Agate Room
Ms. Jazmine - SAC & Mites Assistant
Ms. Michaela - SAC & Mites Assistant
Ms. Olivia - SAC & Mites Closer
Ms. Crystal - SAC & Mites Sub
Ms. Jordyn - SAC & Mites High School Assistant

Seeing all of the different personalities, it is never the same conversation.
Ms. Sydney - SAC & Mites High School Assistant
My favorite thing is walking through the door and getting flooded with hugs!
Ms. Caitlin - SAC & Mites High School Assistant
They're always putting a smile on my face.
                                                                                        Preschool Daily Schedule Includes:
                                                                                                     Circle Time
                                                                                                     C Activities
                                                                                                     T Time
                                                                                                     Morning Snack
                                                                                                     Outside Play
                                                                                                     Nap / Reset
                                                                                                     Small Group Activities
                                                                                                     Afternoon Snack
                                                                                                     Free Play
                                                                                                     Outside Play
                                                                                                     Group Activities