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Back to School!

Reading is on of the most important skills a child will learn in school.
Moose Lake Community Schools provides a variety of books for students to borrow.
Each week students will come to the Library Media Center to select books.

  1. Handle your books with care! School library books are shared with everyone who goes to school here.
  2. Keep your books away from pets, food, and ALL liquids.
  3. Any damaged books need  to be returned  the librarian at once, PLEASE do not repair books yourself. If a book can not be repaired, parents are expected to  pay the replacement cost.
  4. The Librarian has special book tape and book glue needed to fix damaged books.
  5. K-6 library books are check out for one week. The book can be renewed if needed.
  6. If the student has an over due book, lost or damaged book, they can not check out a books until they return the overdue book, found or pay for the lost book and pay for the damaged book.
  7.  If your family plans to move from the Moose Lake Community School please return all books before moving.
Have a great new school year and enjoy many books and the joy of reading!


Contact: Mary DeYoung