I have been teaching for nearly ten years. I am beginning my fourth year here at Moose Lake Community Schools. I am a Moose Lake graduate and am very excited to be teaching in my hometown.

I live in Sturgeon Lake with my husband, Seth. We have a daughter named Ellie and a Great Dane named Walter. Ellie will be a year old in January and Walter celebrated his fifth birthday last June! We enjoy spending time at home.

This year will be a challenging year. It is filled with unknowns. We will not be able to use the classroom the way we have in the past. We will have less interactions with one another and carpet time and centers will not be the same. Despite all of this, I am thankful to be able to be in school and look forward to creating new and safe ways to learn with and from one another! I understand there may be mixed emotions, but please know I am dedicated to making your child feel safe, loved, and valued!

You have instant access to a website that I put together last spring when the coronavirus hit the U.S. and we had to quickly transition to distance learning. It is full of education links and ideas. Feel free to check it out by clicking HERE!

Nikki Goodnature, Kindergarten
Telephone: 218-485-4435 ext. 1206
Email: nicole.goodnature@isd97.org




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