I have been teaching for nearly twelve years. I am beginning my sixth year here at Moose Lake Community Schools. I am a Moose Lake graduate and am very excited to be teaching in my hometown.

I live in Sturgeon Lake with my husband, Seth. We have a three year old daughter, a son on the way, and a Great Dane named Walter. We enjoy spending time at home.

Kindergarten is a fun, curious age with a lot of learning as we go. There are many rules and expectations that may be new or challenging, but we will figure it out together! Please know I am dedicated to making your child feel safe, loved, and valued!

You have instant access to a website that I put together a few years ago. Feel free to check it out by clicking HERE!

Nikki Goodnature, Kindergarten
Telephone: 218-485-4435 ext. 1206
Email: nicole.goodnature@isd97.org




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