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District Wide Calendar
2019-2020 School Calendar
Testing Calendar
     Robert Indihar, Superintendent
     Kara Burn, District Business Manager
     Shari Anderson, District Secretary
     Christine Beise, District Accounts Payable
     Kraig Konietzko, Elementary Principal
     Billie Jo Steen, High School Principal
     Allysha Sample - High School Secretary
     Jackie Habermann - Elementary School Secretary
     Sue Caroline - Technology Specialist
ECFE / School Readiness
K - Grade 3
     Nicole Goodnature - Kindergarten
     Nicolle Gilbertson - Kindergarten
     Nancy Hedin - 1st Grade
     William Carlson - 1st Grade
     Wyan McClausland - 2nd Grade
     Joanne Unzen - 2nd Grade
     Debra Butkiewicz - 3rd Grade
     Olivia Bennett - 3rd Grade
Grades 4 - 6
     Charles Borak - 4th Grade
     Erin Nordstrom - 4th Grade
     Megan Nielsen - 5th Grade
     Shelly Olson - 5th Grade
     Brad Hubred - 6th Grade
     Paul Olson - 6th Grade
High School
     Andy Dahl - Business
     Wes Cummins - English
     Sarah Haasis - English
     Beth Sandstrom - English
     Caitlin Miller - English
     Arden Krueger - Industrial Technology
     Karen Autio - Mathematics
     Matthew Niedzielski - Mathematics
     Adam Whelan - Mathematics
     Carrie Sanda - Science
     Greg Eliason - Science
     Jason Schnoll - Science
     Beckie Jackson - Social Studies
     Lee Stephenson - Social Studies
     Luisa Pierce - Spanish
Special Education
     Melissa Gamst - Special Education
     Loretta Jurek - Special Education
     Cathy Robinson - Special Education
     Eric Butche - Special Education
     Julie Peaney - Special Education
     Scott Trotten-Hall - Special Education
     Threse Kill - Art
     Spencer Walton - Band
     Genevieve Berthelot - Music & Choir
     Renee Visser - Physical Education/Health
     Noah Jurek - Physical Education/Health
     Padrick Judd - Physical Education
     Ann Stephenson - Title One
     Mary DeYoung - Elementary Media Center
     Wendy Denton - High School Media Center
     Jillian Smith - Elementary Counselor
     Pam Litsey - High School Counselor
     Naomi Mowers - Nurse
     Margaret Maki - Occupational Therapy
     Katie Moench - Physical Therapy
     Stacia Spiess - Speech Therapy
     Jeff Oian - Technology
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     Beckie Jackson
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     Cube Club
     Key Club
     Math League
     SOS - Students Offering Support
Fall Sports
     Cross Country Run, Boys
     Cross Country Run, Girls
Winter Sports
     Basketball, Boys
     Basketball, Girls
     Hockey, Boys
     Hockey, Girls
Spring Sports
     Track & Field, Boys
     Track & Field, Girls
     Golf, Boys
     Golf, Girls
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     January 2020
     August 2019
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