Cube Club

Cube Club was started in the Fall of 2017 and consisted of 7th grade students who were interested in solving the Rubik's cube. At that time there were 2 students who already knew how to solve a Rubik's Cube and quite a few others who wanted to learn. We started meeting on Tuesday's during advisory to meet and learn how to solve the mysterious Rubik's Cube one step at a time. We soon realized that the Rubik's Cube, like Math, is a consecutive set of patterns that simply needed to be practiced and committed to memory. After a few short months of practicing together, watching countless hours of YouTube videos on their own, and discovering new patterns... the amount that could solve a Rubik's Cube soon grew from 2 to 12. Those 12 soon became hooked, and the quest to solve faster and faster began. We created a 2-minute club for those who could solve a Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes... which was awesome, until we realized we could move our fingers and minds even faster, with a lot of practice. The 1-minute Club was created shortly after, for those who could solve in under 1 minute... and then the race for the fastest solve was on. There are currently 3 members who have recorded a time the 0:30's with our fastest solve completed by Ethan Humphrey in March with a 30.83 second time. Throughout all of this Cube Madness we started looking for other outlets with the Cube. I've known about Rubik's Cube Mosaics for awhile and brought up the idea to the Cube Club. They instantly loved the idea and wanted to pursue the possibility of being able to create Cube Art. The major problem has always been the need for a lot of Cubes. We did some research into buying 400 cubes and soon found out that this year's PTA funding focus was LOVE TO LEARN. It seemed like a perfect fit. The members of the Cube Club took it upon themselves to create a Power Point presentation to give to the PTA in an effort to have them help us with the funding that we would need. The club presented a rather beautiful presentation to the PTA, and they accepted. With that we were given enough money to buy 400 Rubik's Cubes, and funds to create a presentation case... to be built, with help, from Mr. Krueger. This is something we are hoping to have completed in the next week or so. Ms. Kill helped us trouble shoot some problems we had with Photoshop, and the rest.... well :) it's in the pictures. 
The group has had a ton of fun planning, presenting, and of course solving throughout all of this, and are really excited for what we are going to do next. Ideas are already being brainstormed, and will be put to Photoshop soon. 
Matt and Cube Club
Cube Club Fun