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Welcome to to Distance Learning

Please contact me at the email or Google phone with any questions regarding your students assignments or challenges you are having with technology we can work out a solution
A brief overview of the process we will be using.
All students should be checking in with their advisory class each day for attendance.

Life Science 7

We will be working from the text book.  Each book is designed to be written in, we will cover sections of chapters each day and prepare for a quiz at the end by completing the study guide and test prep.  
There will be some online tests, I will give a few days for them to be completed as to give the student some options on how to get online.  If this is not an option I can send out a paper test, just let me know.


Working through Google Classroom we will cover the topics normally covered in the third trimester including evolution, ecology, human systems including the immune system and the response to pathogens.

Anatomy and Physiology: 
Working through Google classroom we will be covering the nervous, cardiovascular system in the month of April and part of May.

We are all in this together, do not hesitate to get in touch with me with questions you may have.
Greg Eliason

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