Kraig Konietzko,Elementary Principal
Telephone: 218-485-4435 ext. 1116

Kraig Konietzko
I would like to personally welcome you to our wonderful, new elementary school. This school year is sure to be an exciting one for your daughter or son. I can assure that you will have a positive experience with our caring teaching staff and support programs that we have in place. The entire elementary staff will strive to provide rewarding experiences for all of our elementary students. I truly feel that parent involvement and communication is a critical component in your child’s academic success. This is why I look forward to meeting any new families and working with the students, parents, and staff members here in the district. Our school has an organized Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that will have monthly meetings and host various functions that benefit students. This organization was developed to create a positive and supportive involvement link between parents of elementary school aged children and the Moose Lake Elementary School. Your membership and support for this volunteer organization is welcome. This school year we are very fortunate to have Keyboarding, PE, Music, and Art specialists in our teaching staff. In addition, we operate All-Day, Every-Day Kindergarten and provide a strong ECFE program to best prepare our future K-12 students.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your elementary aged child/children.  Thank you!

Kraig Konietzko, Elementary Principal
Moose Lake Elementary School
218-485-4435 ext. 1116

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