Nurses Notes


High school parents: Please advise your children to come to the Nurses Office when they are ill,
before calling you. This is the proper channel to use when students want to go home. It's a rare occasion that I wouldn't send them home, unless they are regular visitors to my office, or have already had excessive absences.

Doctor's Notes are needed when your child has a medical issue that is ongoing or causes them to miss multiple days of school. Also, Doctor notes are needed if your child is unable to participate in phy.ed. for any reason. Please call me if your child has a health issue.

Students are automatically sent home when they:
1. Have a fever of 100 or greater
2. Are vomiting or have diarhhea
3. Are found to have many live head lice
4. Have a persistant cough
5. Have recurrent nose bleeds, or nose bleeds that cannot be controlled
6. Have a communicable disease such as strep throat, chicken pox, impetigo, pink eye, etc.
We ask parents to help control spread of communicable diseases by:
Keeping your child home for 24 hours from the last episode of vomiting/diarrhea, last temperature of 100 degrees or higher without the use of tyl/advil, or from the first dose of medicine for strep throat, impetigo, etc.
Students may be sent home at the discretion of the School Nurse if they are not feeling well enough to concentrate on school tasks.
High School students who become ill must go through the School Nurse office, and will only be sent home when the School Nurse has received verbal permission from a parent at that time.

Good handwashing is the most important way of preventing the spread of germs.

Good rules for handwashing:

Before eating and cooking
After using the bathroom
After cleaning around the house
After touching animals, including family pets
After visiting or caring for sick friends or relatives
After blowing one's nose, coughing, or sneezing
After being outside (playing, walking the dog, etc.)

Don't under estimate the power of hand washing! The few seconds you spend at the sink with your child could save you trips to the doctor's office.

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